Merewether Ocean Baths – Landscape Photos

Merewether Ocean Baths, Merewether Beach Landscape Photos, Photos of Merewether

Merewether Ocean Baths – Merewether Beach Landscape Photography Artwork

Merewether Beach is one of my most favourite locations to photograph so I have a few Landscape prints available of this amazing beach.

The stretch of coastline from Merewether beach just out the front of Merewether Surf House all the way down south past Merewether Ocean Baths and around the corner to Burwood beach has some interesting rock platforms that create a great foreground interest and when combined with a colourful sunrise or sunset makes a great landscape image that locals can relate to and enjoy viewing in their own home to remind them how beautiful Merewether Beach is.

The first image I want to show you is also my favourite! This image was taken at Merewether Ocean Baths during a sunrise on a morning with a high tide and a swell large enough to create a wave between the diving blocks. Needless to say the ocean baths were full and the local swimmers were enjoying the easy swim leg in with the waves! It was a fun shoot and as you can imagine I ended up a little wet, but managed to capture a very unique image of the baths. This is by far my most popular image of Merewether Ocean Baths.

Merewether Ocean Baths sunrise artwork, prints of Newcastle by Kiall Frost

My next Landscape Print I want to show you is a Panorama of Merewether Ocean Baths from up top on the cliff face looking down at the baths during an amazing sunrise. This print is made up of 7 images stitched together and creates a large panoramic print. It looks sensational as a large print with beautiful colourings and great detail.

Merewether Ocean Baths, Merewether Beach, Merewether Ocean Baths Panoramic Print

Now the print below is another favourite of mine and it also received a Silver Award in the 2013 International Loupe Awards. It’s a photograph taken of the rock formations directly in front of the new Merewether Surf House during another spectacular sunrise.

Merewether Landscape Photo - Merewether Beach Landscape Photo, Print of Merewether Beach. Sunrise photo of Merewether

This next image was taken on the same morning as the previous one and captures a nice amount of ‘ghost like’ water flow around the foreground rocks.

Merewether Beach Sunrise - Newcastle Landscape Photos

Here is another landscape photo of Merewether Ocean Baths, it was taken before the recent upgrades to the baths when I personally think the diving blocks and the surrounding concrete had a lot more character. It was photographed during a stormy sunrise and I love the way the rain on the horizon has filled with colour.

Merewether Ocean Baths, Merewether Swimming Pool, Diving Block of Merewether Baths

The next is another Panoramic Landscape Print of Merewether Ocean Baths. This stitched panorama was taken on another stormy morning and looks great printed large!

Merewether Ocean Baths Panoramic Photo of Merewether sunrise by Kiall Frost

Just south of the ocean baths I found an interesting rock platform that when the tide is right will create a little water fall which has given this next image a great focus point in the foreground and compliments the sunrise nicely.

Merewether Beach Sunrise Landscape Photo Artwork Print by Kiall Frost

The last print I want to show you includes the first ocean baths at Merewether which was built in 1926 and also includes the brand new Merewether Surf House in the background. The pastel colours in this print make it another favourite.

Merewether Surf House and Ocean Baths

So that’s my collection of landscape prints of Merewether, they are all available in various sizes and as either a Print Only which allows you to organise your own framing, as a face mounted Acrylic Print, Stretched Canvas Print or I will have it Professionally Mounted and Framed for you.
Regards, Kiall Frost

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